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Donnie and Elaine Lysons
3710 52 Avenue
Lacombe , Ab
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Who We Are

Lacombe Auto Service Centre is a family owned Automotive repair facility in the beautiful city of Lacombe, Alberta. We service all light duty makes and models of vehicles. Our staff has many years in the industry making us a "go to" destination for everything from Oil Changes to Engine swaps.


Lacombe Auto services all makes and models for all light duty cars and trucks. What makes us unique is the amount of collective experience we have in our shop that can service that wide a spectrum of vehicles. That kind of expertise under one roof is hard to find. 

We are very proud of our staff and the service we can offer our customers.

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We Are Open
6/27/2022 - 7/3/2022
Sorry we are closed on statutory holidays.
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Battery Check & Service
This is an item which should be part of your maintenance program to get a proper lifespan from your battery. An annual battery service is recommended, (especially before winter hits), to ensure your car always starts when you need it too!
Brake Service and Repair
It is important to monitor the condition of your brakes in order to replace them in a timely manner. You should do this not only for safety reasons, but also to avoid further and very costly damage! Any squealing or grinding noises can indicate brake problems, as well as a pulsating brake pedal.
Cooling System
Your water pump is part of your vehicle cooling system. Maintenance should include monitoring your antifreeze levels, topping up when required and having the antifreeze changed every 30,000 to 150,000 kms depending on the type of antifreeze your vehicle uses. Your temperature gauge is also an indicator you have a problem.
Digital Inspection Services
Digital Inspection Services, allow us to document vehicle problems using photos and video, including “click to learn more” videos for our customers. With this information in hand we can make good decisions with regard to your vehicle repairs.
Muffler and Exhaust Services
A healthy exhaust system means your car is quieter, drives smoother, is better for the environment and your health. It is highly exposed to the corrosive effects of winter driving. Have this system checked regularly to be sure it’s working properly and leak free.
Oil Changes
This is one item that should be at the top of your list for regular car maintenance, especially if you put a lot of miles on your vehicle. Clean engine oil keeps your engine running longer. You need to know the proper type of oil to put in your car. We can help you manage this for a very reasonable price! We also offer synthetic oil and even Amsoil if you request it.
This is your gear box, which provides speed and torque. We can all agree it’s a pretty major part of your vehicle which needs to be in good operating order. Things to watch for are a delay in the transmission engaging when moving the gear shift from park to drive, or maybe the vehicle is shifting gears too often or inappropriately.



Local Events Happening Today
Local Events Happening Today
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Lacombe Auto Service Centre - Lacombe
Stay Cool - Is your Air Conditioning working properly? Have it checked before the summer heat wave starts!
We were formerly known as 2A Auto Service. Elaine and Donnie Lysons took ownership in March of 2018.
Did you know that we are partnered to give you access to Quick Approval Vehicle Repair Loans (OAC). Give us a call for more information! 403-782-6097
Donnie and Elaine not only get it done but they always keep the focus on what is the most important thing for their business and that is their clients!  They have amazing drive and dedication and with that comes success. They out work, out service and out hustle their competitors.   -  A Happy Customer
-- Donnie and Elaine Lysons - Lacombe Auto Service Centre
Business Tips
Winter Tip - Lacombe Auto Service Centre - Lacombe
Avoid frozen fuel lines. Keep your gas tank half full or better at all times.
Inspections - Lacombe Auto Service Centre - Lacombe
Regular inspections matter.   The best path to keeping vehicles running safely.
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