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Eastside Eatery
Address: 4013 53 Avenue, Lacombe
Phone: 403.782.7435
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Marion's Eatery
Address: 5136 Highway 2A, Lacombe
Phone: 403.786.9990
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Beet Top Cafe
Address: 5010 50 Street, Lacombe
Phone: 403.786.8380
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Blindman Brewing
Address: 3413 53 Avenue, Lacombe
Phone: 403.786.2337
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Booster Juice
Address: 5030 AB 2A, Lacombe
Phone: 403.786.9083
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Cilantro and Chive
Address: 5021 50th Street, Lacombe
Phone: 403.782.2882
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Funky Monkey Kitchen + Bar
Address: 40309 Range Road 272, Lacombe County
Phone: 403.505.8735
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Good Neighbour Coffee
Address: 4725 49b Avenue, Lacombe
Phone: 403.505.9897
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Good Water Ltd
Address: Bay 4, 5230 College Avenue, Lacombe
Phone: 403.782.2528
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Green Coffee Co.
Address: 4836-45a Street, Lacombe
Phone: 403.782.7803
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Address: 5028 51Street, Lacombe
Phone: 403.782.7844
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LA Liquor
Address: 4702 Hwy 2A, Lacombe
Phone: 403.789.4444
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Leto's Steakhouse
Address: 4944 Hwy 2a, Lacombe
Phone: 403.782.4647
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Moe's Pizza Co.
Address: 4914 50 Avenue, Lacombe
Phone: 403.789.3400
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Morrison House Cafe
Address: 5331 51st Avenue, Lacombe
Phone: 403.789.1234
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Old Prairie Sentinel Distillery
Address: 3413 - 53 Avenue, Lacombe
Phone: 403.877.7872
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Pot Black Kettle Corn
Address: 5210A Wolf Creek Drive, Lacombe
Phone: 403.318.9969
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Satinwood Coffee
Address: RR 2, Site 3, Box 7, Lacombe
Phone: 403-342-0185
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Address: 4730 51 Avenue, Lacombe
Phone: 403.782.4549
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The Station
Address: 5038 Highway 2A, Lacombe
Phone: 403.789.0111
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Tollers Bistro
Address: 4801 63 Street Bays 2-3, Lacombe
Phone: 403.786.8400
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