December 13
A Business Profile
What is a Business Information Profile?

A business profile exposes your business and unique services within the Community.  Do you sell the best darn cookies in town?  Can your staff juggle lemons while making lemonade?  Is your furniture hand-made by a monk in the Himalayas?  Every business has quirks – we look for those little things that keep your customers coming back for more – show them off with a business profile.

Step 1:  Add yourself to our FREE business directory. [ Sign me up ]

Step 2:  Ask about our business profile feature.   An affordable community focused option.

Business Profile Features
A Full Page About You

A business profile is a full page all about your business and nothing but.

Contact Information

All your contact information is displayed so that your current customers and NEW customers can easily get ahold of you.  Along with your address and phone number, we also profile links to any online resources including your website and the social media tools that you use.


Your profile lists all your unique services for everyone to see. You select one service as a featured so that it will get extra exposure on the website and in the community. The home page of LacombeLive randomly selects featured services for display and there is a page dedicated to all featured local services in the community.

Business Hours

Post your business hours. Are you open Sunday or late on special nights?  This feature dynamically hilites the current day of the week and has space to give extra exposure to extended hours and closures.  Watch for a special holiday feature that informs customers of your business hours over Christmas.


Remind your customers of upcoming seasons, events or just things they keep forgetting. You get 12 reminders, one for each month. With a little planning you create your 12 reminders for the year and then forget about them. Every month your specific reminder just automagically appears.

Picture Gallery

Of course your profile wouldn't be complete without a a few pictures.   Show off what makes you what you are.

Did You Know

Its amazing how many things customers just don't know about your business. "Did You Know" information windows are those little things that you continuously are telling your customers and surprised when they say they didn't know that. You can list as many as you want and two will randomly appear on your business profile page and also on your portal home page. A new selection is displayed with every page visit.

An Economical Option

A business profile on LacombeLive is just $12/month billed annually.  It's an all inclusive package.  Business profile participation includes all the features the site has to offer.   The goal is to jam as much value into your $12 advertising doller per month as possible.   Join the Community today.